ECA Spring Updates

Hartung Hall work day Saturday, May 16

Starting at noon on Saturday, May 16 we will have a spring clean-up session at Hartung Hall. Please bring gloves, rakes etc. and help us spruce-up our historic community hall.

We need to:

  • clean out the gutters
  • rake around the hall,
  • pick up any trash
  • wash the windows inside and out
  • vacuum the entry rug
  • check and clean the outhouse
  • paint touch-up inside if need be
  • prepare the deck for staining.

Ester Community Park Clean-up Saturday, May 30th

Park clean-up day will be on Saturday, May 30, 2020 starting at 10 a.m.
Please come help with the annual chores of:

  • raking leaves,
  • general cleanup
  • stage prep
  • weed whacking
  • sweeping the basketball court
  • tree trimming
  • painting
  • organizing
  • and more!

We will post a list of chores on the shed, and you can pick the job that suits you (and your kids) best! 

We have many different areas throughout the park that need work, and can maintain safe distancing if we all keep from working closely with people outside our homes. Food and beverages will be provided for volunteers “take-out” style to picnic in the park.

Please dress for weather and outdoor work, bring rakes, shovels, gloves and a good attitude! This is always a really great day of working together as neighbors to make our Ester Community Park the awesome place we love! Look forward to seeing you there!

ECA Spring Membership Meeting, June 14

We are holding the ECA Spring Meeting outdoors at 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 14 at the Ester Community Park. We have plenty of room for distancing, pending any applicable state health mandates. The board will provide updates on planned projects and improvements, and discuss summer and fall plans. We believe it most unlikely that Fourth of July will be celebrated – not in its traditional form – but would like the opportunity for community input for alternative community engagement.

(TBD) Ester Fest – July 25

While we are still making contingency plans in case we can safely hold a limited Ester Fest July 25, we are likely cancelling the July event. A final decision will be made mid-June.

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