Ester Park and Hartung Hall Reservations

The Ester Community Park is not part of the Borough parks and recreation system and is operated and maintained by community volunteers. Rental fees help the ECA purchase and maintain this beautiful community park.

How to schedule events:
1. Check the Google calendar below make sure it isn’t already reserved.

2. Use our online form to request a reservation.


4. Follow-up with an e-mail to [email protected] to confirm.

All events are subject to approval. Additional information can be found here: Ester Park Rentals – 7.1.21

Ester Park Reservation Prices and Info

Park Reservation Prices

Rental rates: (NEW RATES  JULY 1, 2021)
Park Pavilion – 1 hour $25; Up to 5 hours $40; 5-8 hours $75
Pavilion and Field – 1 hour $40; Full Day – $250
Park Stage and Field – 1 hour $100; Full Day $400
Sports Field – 1-5 hours $40; 5-8 hours $100
Hartung Hall – 1- 5 hours $40

Public events require event insurance with additional coverage for the Ester Community Association and private landowner. Large events may require additional restrooms, security or other measures.

Commercial use is negotiable and may involve a percentage of proceeds. Contact ECA prior to any potential commercial use.

Ester Community Park
The Ester Community park is a beautiful location for small and large events. Rates vary by use and duration. All users are asked to ensure that access to the playground is open even if the park has been reserved for your event.

Hartung Hall
Located on Lower Stone Road Hartung hall is ideal for small gatherings, birthday parties, garage sales, music performances, dances and other events. Fees may be discounted or waived for public-purposes, holidays open to the public, or events by non-profits.

To confirm your reservation we require advanced payment.
Use our online payment site (Square) to confirm your reservation.
To confirm payment please email [email protected].